Once a year, every seasoned practitioner and every fresh faced white belt BJJ player from our affiliation come together. An Affiliation is like a family tree in Brazilian Jiu JItsu. It shows a connection to who your coach trained with before they had their own gym. Where your coach’s coach started their journey. And on, and on it goes. It’s a look into the history of why your gym was opened. How each school owner wanted to create a lifestyle surrounding jiu jitsu. Opened up gym doors and invited others in to see it change their lives.

March 2nd 2024 Tac Team Day was the biggest it has ever been. 10,000 sq ft of gym mats were full as the whole team filed into attendance. As you weaved through the mingling of Gis, you saw hand shakes, smiles, & hugs. The clock signals and The Black Belts and Gym owners headed to the front of the room to form a line. A few words from the established leaders of our affiliation were spoken. Encouragements went out to everyone who has come to find themselves under the ‘umbrella’ that is Tac Team, for making it what it is.

The masses were split into rough halves. The smaller players went upstairs to “simulate murder”. The Larger of the practitioners stayed down stairs. The timers set to 5 minutes, endless rounds. Then the reason we all sacrificed a day in our home life starts to emerge. Rolls range from timid paces, to fast ‘look out for that foot” rounds. You know who you are. Every round with it’s own challenge. Everyone eager to prove their gym trains hard. Overall, who’s to say who had the harder rounds?… It was the upstairs crew no question due to the 20° temperature rise.

The day came to a close as the crowds started to thin. The intention for the day complete. To meet some new friends and ignite the passion to always better the sport. Remembering the reason we started this journey. Tac Team leads by example. We aim to Win & Lose with the same face. We aim to show respect to those on and off our team because we’re all on our own Jiu Jitsu journey.