The month of February had us busier than we were all of winter. The team is shaking off the dust it’s collected from the winter months, and getting into shape. In efforts to prep for some big goals of competitions this year, the local tournament was on the mind . We got focused in our classes. Spent some extra time on Q+A for those who had questions. And did the brave thing and said YES. The Fuji St. Louis Competition was an exciting day for the Guys and Ladies on the Headnod team. 15 Headnod competitors between the Granite City & Jerseyville locations went out and sent it. 5 comp mats, & some new faces. White, Blue, Purple, & Brown belts. The thrill is something you’ll carry with you from White belt to Black belt.

The very next weekend, the team packed up and traveled to the City of Memphis, Tennessee. The IBJJF Memphis Open saw 12 HN guys on the mats. Along with our gym, there were competitors from our local gym neighbors. The Tac Team affiliation showed up with 36 men & women who got out on the mats and dominated. The day began with a quiet start as a few matches got the day started. Tournament sounds muffled by the carpeted convention center flooring, kept the atmosphere calm while competitors stretched and prepared for the day ahead. Almost 11 hours laters the day had finished with Gi and No-Gi brackets as well as the absolute divisions. Points were tallied. Hands were raised. And lessons were learned. Tac Team, as a whole, mounted the podium yet again to claim the First Place, overall points in the Gi, Team Trophy! Only missing the No-Gi Team Trophy by a handful of points. It was a full weekend and memories were made.
The thrill of competition is something that fortifies us. It allows us to prove that we can do hard things. We prove it to ourselves only. Because our teammates require no proof. Only Heart.